Proudly partnering with Shelter: give the gift of a safe home


It’s hard, when Christmas rolls around, not to be transfixed by the thought of roasted parsnips and Baileys nightcaps. Shiny wrapping paper, second-rate celebrities switching on the Christmas lights, stockpiled AA batteries for all the bleep-bloopy toys the kids are going to get. It’s a whirlwind of excellent excess. For some, anyway.

For others, there’s no huddling around a roaring fire with a mug of mulled wine . For others, it’s nights huddling away from the winter chill or the stress and instability of an unsafe, overpriced or insecure housing situation. And we want to try and help.

We want to make coffee a force for good. And usually, that involves trying to make life better for coffee growers around the world. We pay a premium for incredible coffee, mentoring farmers to improve their practices and processing. Because as the quality of their crops goes up, so does the price they’re paid for them – not just by us, but by other buyers as well.

This winter, we want to do all that and support people struggling with homelessness and housing issues too. Because everyone deserves a good housing situation this winter, whether they’re living in Colombia or Central London. That’s why we’re proud to be partnering with Shelter* – donating 50p from every single Christmas product we sell to help their cause.

Shelter are a charity after our own heart, taking practical and productive steps to address the housing crisis and help people affected by it. Here’s four ways they try and make a difference:

  • Providing advice and legal support: face-to-face, online and over the phone
  • Producing research and developing policies to tackle the housing crisis
  • Campaigning to get the government to take action and make real changes
  • Working with the press to showcase stories of those suffering from housing issues

They’re trying to make sure everyone has a safe, secure and affordable home – and they need everyone’s support to do it. They’ve already pushed the government to commit to a ban on letting agency fees and are working on challenging DSS discrimination… and that’s just the start of it.

This winter, we’ll be making coffee a force for good in a new way – supporting their mission, while continuing to support the farmers we work with year on year. Why not join us and Shelter in the fight against homelessness, by gifting one of our Christmas products this year? Here’s what we have on offer:

  • The Pact Coffee Advent Calendar (25-day caffeinated countdown)
  • The Pact Coffee Advent Calendar x 2 (one for you, one for a friend!)

  • Christmas Blend (our most seasonal sip – with notes of mince pie!)

  • ‘Coffee Newbie’ Gift Set (to convert your favourite instant granules addict)

  • ‘Coffee Connoisseur’ Gift Set (for a fledgling speciality fan)

  • ‘On-the-Go Solo’ Gift Set (ideal for the mountain-climbers, fell-walkers and campers)

  • ‘Christmas Couples’ Gift Set (for cuddly couples who eat, sleep and coffee together)

  • The Ultimate Coffee Aficionado Gift Set (for serious speciality enthusiasts)

  • Gift Vouchers (for those ‘Oh no, it’s Christmas Eve!’ emergencies)

*All donations + VAT will be donated to Shelter Trading which donates all taxable profits to Shelter (Registered charity no. 263710).


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