Introducing: Micro-Lot!


Join Will on an adventure

Imagine if Will, our Head of Coffee, shared with you his secret coffee map marked with his favourite coffee growers from around the world. Or even better, imagine if you got to accompany Will on a once in a lifetime coffee-sourcing expedition.

You’d get to explore far-flung places and traverse the coffee universe. Together you would meet artisan coffee farmers and learn about the labour and love that goes into producing their caffeinated treasures. The thought alone is enough to make us feel giddy with excitement!

Introducing the Micro-Lot range

Well, our new Micro-Lot Plan gets pretty damn close. It’s definitely the coffee plan of choice for the intrepid coffee connoisseur. You get to journey with Will through a carefully curated collection of the rarest and finest coffee the planet has to offer. We decided to call the range Micro-Lot because that’s exactly what they are. Small batches of coffee perfection. Will often discovers tiny lots of superb coffee on his travels and this Plan is our way of sharing this limited selection with our customers. 

How does Will curate the collection?

It’s always about taste and flavour. Will might select a coffee for its individuality or its luxuriously indulgent taste or because it has won awards and international acclaim. Sometimes a grower might have experimented with a new variety on a small patch of land or pioneered an innovative processing technique and the end result is a micro-lot of incredible coffee.

First stop Honduras

Will wanted to make sure the Micro-Lot adventure got off to a thrilling start so his first micro-lot of choice is the delicious Finca Durazno. A fruity little gem discovered by Will when he was visiting Honduras.

Marcelo, the grower, and his daughter Andrea, worked tirelessly to perfect their processing techniques to produce this speciality coffee and their hard work and expertise has certainly paid off. Finca Durazno is a little cup of brambly heaven. It has a soft sweetness to it with an inviting taste of dark stone fruits. You can definitely taste hints of blackcurrants too; it’s a real rare beauty. And because the amount of Finca Durazno produced is so small, we have the unique pleasure of being the exclusive distributor!

You see, fortune does favour the bold. Coffee-adventurers do get to discover the hidden coffee treasures of the world.

Where to next?

The second stop on the Micro-Lot adventure is El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America. A country of rainforests, waterfalls and award-winning coffee. You can, of course, join Will and be a coffee explorer too all without leaving your home. The only equipment needed for the expedition is your favourite coffee mug; Will’s tasting guide notes and a comfy chair.

Enjoy the ride!


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