2018: a year in coffee


2018. What a year it’s been. There’s been terrifying lows, dizzying highs – and coffee-filled middles. As you’re getting ready to ring in 2019, whip up a round of espresso martinis and prep a restorative jug of cold brew for the morning after… and take a moment to remember the year that was.


The year didn’t necessarily get off to a good start. Troubling statistics were released telling us that the number of rough sleepers hit its highest level since records began. And this was followed by less troubling, but still sort of sad, news that Elton John was retiring. It just kept getting worse – Toys “R” Us went into administration, Novichok made a disturbing appearance, Cambridge Analytica ‘happened’, the sugary drinks tax was introduced. Way to bum us out, 2018.

Pact Coffee, on the other hand, had a pretty good few months! Not one but three big events featured in our diary – we took part in UK Coffee Week in March, giving prizes and selling coffee, and hit up the UK Coffee Festival with Customer Champion Mel giving Sage a hand on their stand.

We topped off the seasons with our own Pact party – a night of espresso martinis, a masterclass of everything you’d want to know about coffee… and then a few more espresso martinis!


Now summer is where things really hotted up. But like, really really. We had the warmest May since records began – perfect timing for a World Cup to remember, with England having its biggest win ever against Panama (Harry Kane, he’s one of our own!). Things got a bit steamy elsewhere – the Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted and made many of us leave Facebook, GDPR meant you somehow had more annoying emails than before and Donald Trump visited London.

What did we do this summer? Aside from guzzling jugs of cold brew, we introduced a brand new origin to our coffee range – Kenya! We even let you choose which coffee from this country to debut, and you choose the Karinga Peaberry. It’s delicious, so thanks for that!


The year flew by, and it was time to hang up our sandals and sun hats before we knew it. We saw 700,000 people march for a People’s Vote on Brexit, found out that women in the army could now be in infantry and special forces roles, and heard that Crossrail’s opening would be delayed. So, a mixed one really.

For us, we were really focused on making coffee a force for good – in lots of different ways! Taking part in Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, we brought a little sweetness to the office and other businesses nearby, raising money while doing it. We also decided to support a cause we really care about: achieving gender equity in the coffee world. Head of Coffee Will met the Asomuprisma Women’s Association, a collection of female farm owners and workers who have joined together to raise the status of women in coffee. Now we’re selling the coffee they grow, and look forward to returning in 2019.


Finally winter rolled around – and so did the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. And that wasn’t the only momentous event – this November renewable energy capacity overtook fossil fuels for the first time in the UK, someone swam around the whole of Great Britain for the first time and Cambridge scientists completed the 100,000 Genomes Project.

Pact Coffee had some momentous events of its own. Not only did we introduce ANOTHER new origin (Hi Peru, thanks for joining us!), we also debuted our very first geisha coffee! The rarest and most expensive variety in the world, we’re psyched to finally try it.

So, it was a good year for us. A great year, in fact. Here’s to 2019!


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