Surprising things you can do with your coffee grounds…


In the garden:

The only bad thing about coffee is clearing up those gritty grounds – leaving less-than-artistic pointillist patterns all over your kitchen bin lid, clogging up your drain, getting stuck in your grouting. But there’s a better way!

Instead of resigning your former coffee to the depths of the big black bag, keep it for your garden instead. Sprinkle a little among your soil to act as a fertiliser, as this will encourage the grounds to give off nitrogen which is great for your plantlife.

Or if you really take all this green-fingered stuff seriously and happen to have a worm bin (horrifyingly, this is a thing), then coffee can come in handy here too – they love to chow down on your grounds, just don’t give them too much as it’s a little acidic.

In the kitchen:

Did reading the word “garden” make you scoff, as you sadly surveyed the row of plastic succulents making up for your inner city-induced lack of outside space? We got you. There’s plenty to do with your leftover beans in the kitchen, too.

Other than using your leftover grounds to make a tasty biscotti or as a steak rub, coffee grounds can come in handy post-cooking as well. Love garlic, but hate the smell of garlic lingering on your hands for hours after making a cracking pasta dish?

No worries! Just scrub your hands with your (cooled down!) coffee grounds and the stink should come right off.

In the living room:

Don’t think coffee should stay in the kitchen – we’re retiring to the lounge for this one! Settle down on the sofa, open a packet of Hobnobs and kick your legs up onto that scuffed coffee table. But, get this – it doesn’t have to stay looking scruffy!

For wood tables with the superficial scratches, coffee grounds can be applied (try a test patch first!) to blend them in with the rest of the wood grain. Just dab on using a cotton bud, and enjoy that ‘upcycling’ glow.

There’s another type of glow used coffee grounds can help you out with, too… bio-bean has found a way to use leftover grounds to create fuel logs, so you can enjoy a roaring fire and spare a tree’s life at the same time! Who knew?

In the bathroom:

After all that caffeine has worn off, it’s time for a pamper session – and we’ve borrowed some top tips from our friends at Treatwell.

Turns out coffee can be a pick-me-up in more ways that one. Puffiness under your eyes can be tackled by mixing your coffee grounds into a paste with water, and leaving on for around 15 minutes – it’s said to reduce swelling, due to being a diuretic!

And actually, slathering yourself in coffee can have other benefits. Its coarseness makes it a perfect skin exfoliator – just mix with sugar and coconut oil, and focus on any dry areas. You’ll be as smooth as the brew you’ve just chugged in no time.

Fancy a beauty treatment that’s a little less Do It Yourself? Use our code, PACT10, to get £10 when you book a treatment costing £25 or more with Treatwell.* No coffee grounds needed.


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